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Drafting Service

Our Drafting & Design service provides you with a full set of drawings which includes, a Site Plan, Floor Plan, Typical Wall Section, Lighting & Power Plan, & Elevations.


All drawings are drawn to scale utilizing a Computer Aided Software (CAD).


Depending on the clients needs, drawings can be even more detailed to include interior elevations such as cabinet work, etc...


The final set of plans may be used for city permitting, bank loan approval, and construction purposes.



Space Planning

Space Planning is a very critical element in creating a successful home/office design.  Every home owner or business owner has a personal routine of how their space needs to function.  Getting a clear understanding of this and implementing those ideas into the overall design is the goal we try to achieve on each individual project.


Every project is custom designed based on the information we gather from the client.


All projects are unique to the clients vision in conjunction with our knowledge of spacial relationships. 

Interior Design

Our Interior Design service incorporates the home/office spacial design, with interior finish materials and selections to complete the entire design process.


This includes flooring material, wall color selections, countertop materials, cabinetry design & color finish, bathroom fixtures, kitchen fixtures, door styles & hardware, wood finshes, ceiling treatments, and lighting selections.

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